Reel Feel is a Motion Design Studio engaged in the world of information design. Thinking of an idea? Let's develop it together.



Motion graphic video begins with inspiration. We want to understand what yours is and help communicate it through our design-focused development process. More and more, the digital world demands engaging content that offers active participation even in content as passive as video. Like the final coat of paint, our motion graphic video work will give your footage the pop and polish it needs to stand out from the noise and effectively broadcast your message.


Communicating through animation shouldn’t be a painful experience – we believe every frame should be a deliberate work of art designed to tell your story. From storyboard design to final product, our animation department thoughtfully designs every beat, every step. Through proprietary techniques developed in the latest animation software, our story-telling artists are eager to get to work on your vision.


State-of-the-art technologies have opened up new methods of reaching digital audiences. 360 video transports your viewers into another world, and immerses them in a dynamic, informative experience. Virtual reality headsets aren’t required – 360 videos can be enjoyed through any flat-screen desktop or mobile device. Whether it’s an internal training video for your firm or a marketing campaign on social media, 360 video blurs the line between viewing and participating by creating a new association with how your material is absorbed.